Physical Fitness

A healthy and active lifestyle is critical in young children’s lives as they begin to develop physically and mentally.

Children should not be inactive for long periods of times as there is growing evidence showing the correlation of inactivity to increase risk of poor health. Generally children between the ages of 2-6 years old should engage in physical activities 60-120 minutes a day at various intensity levels. Here at Fiitercise, we focus on three elements of fitness – Endurance, Strength and Flexibility for children in this age range.

Endurance is easily developed as children engage in aerobic exercises. Activities from as basic as running around with friends to more sports specific activities help strengthen the heart’s health and improves the child’s body’s ability to deliver oxygen to all its cells.

Improvement of strength in our children can be enhanced through basic calisthenics. Fiitercise has incorporated climbing and crawling into our daily fitness activities as well making it more than enough in the development of stronger muscles. A well rounded active lifestyle will involve movement in all major muscle groups. Stretching is an exercise pertinent to the flexibility of a child. Flexibility allows a full range of motion for muscles and joints. Maintenance of flexibility is beneficial to children’s motor skills and long term muscle and joint health.

Sports Specific Concepts

Sports are a fun and interactive way for children to engage in physical activities. What better way to get our children up and about then getting them to participate in interactive sports games that are not only fun but are also beneficial in developing a wide range of motor skills and muscle groups.

Fiitercise introduces young children to sports and helps them develop a love for an eclectic range of activities to carry on through their later years. Fiitercise will have children engage in the basic games such as Frisbee, kickball, and obstacle courses. At the same time, goal oriented sports such as basketball, volleyball, floor ball and tennis are also introduced to our children through age appropriate lessons on skills and eventually through actual game play with rules and regulations.

Character Development

Character development is one of the main focuses of the Fiitercise programme. While sports initially appear to only benefit one physically, there are many intangible developments that occur throughout the teaching of sports.

Fiitercise coaches teach your child the ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork and dealing with winning and losing. Additionally, the program aims to further develop your child's character in teaching values and life lessons throughout the forum of sports. Physical activity is not only fun but it also introduces new challenges that your child does not usually face on a regular basis. Instead of giving up or asking for help, your child will be taught to succeed through perseverance. Fiitercise will also teach your child how having a positive attitude and good work ethic is the key to succeeding both physically and mentally. Through Fiitercise, your child will be taught values and molded with principles and good habits that he or she can utilize as they grow older.


Being the only programme of its kind, Fiitercise has countless advantages that would definitely be beneficial for your children. First and foremost, this programme helps promote health and fitness, instilling the habits of exercising as well as understanding the prerequisites of adopting a healthy lifestyle into our children.

Secondly, it’s fun and interactive! After a long and draining day of classes, taking a break and playing games is a fun and relaxing way for children to deviate from the mundane schedule of classroom activities. In addition to these two main benefits of Fiitercise, there are many other advantages as well. The program will help your children build their self-esteem as they realize they can overcome obstacles and challenges. Research has also shown that children who participate in sports have a better self image of themselves and a much higher self esteem. Fiitercise’s coaches will teach the importance of fair play, conducting themselves within the confines of a set of rules, and listening and paying attention. All these skills will benefit your children in all aspects of their lives, in future sports ventures, in the classroom, and around the house.

The program will also teach them how to set goals and most importantly what steps need to be taken to work towards achieving those goals. Acquiring and refining goal setting skills will also benefit your children outside of the sports venue, and more importantly in the academic setting. The ability to focus on goals and working diligently and efficiently to complete tasks will be of great benefit in the classroom. Just like at any age, different individuals will have differing opinions that lead to conflict.

Through Fiitercise, your children will be introduced to conflict and conflict resolution as they tackle goals as a team and as individuals. Once again, this is another benefit that reaches beyond sports and will be greatly beneficial to their daily life. Lastly being exposed to various kinds of sports at a young age allows your children to decide for themselves what sports they enjoy more than others, which will aid in narrowing down in the future as children become more specialized in only a handful of sports. The list of benefits from the Fiitercise program is endless, and these are only a few of the main points that are highlighted.