About Us


Fiitercise (Fun – Interactive – Inspirational – Training)

The mission of this sports programme is to enhance the physical and mental development of children by teaching basic sports skills. This would help build confidence in their social skills through a team setting. On top of that, your children would also be trained on their listening skills, following directions and taking turns which will not only benefit them in playing team sports as they get older, but also in the classroom. Fiitercise is conducted by well-qualified and enthusiastic instructors with an extensive background in sports education for children who will look into the development of your child's overall physical intelligence.

Why Fiitercise?

In a culture where the portability of technology with video games, iPads, and smart phones, physical activity by children have decreased drastically over the years as more of them spend time at home playing video games or watching television. This increase in inactivity has nothing but detrimental effects on the future health and lifestyle habits for children. What Fiitercise brings is an approach to introduce children of young ages to the ideas of sports and most importantly, healthy lifestyle habits. Traditionally when children participate in physical activity, they are restricted to “free play”, but with Fiitercize, trained coaches carry out carefully planned curriculum.